To His Majesty King George V of England.

May it Please Your Majesty to listen to our pressing business, to lay it before Your Majesty and it is this. We the undersigned our Sons and young men, they are not of age, but they enlisted in your Majesty’s army by the persuasion of other men, therefore send them home. And our ground of asking Your Majesty to discharge our Sons is this, as Your Majesty see in this letter engraved and inserted a “Wampum belt Treaty”. between Us the Five Nations (now Six) and Your’s British Nations Government., And the Wampum belt Treaty is inserted in here.

“Treaty of friendship”

Having one row and Two Man standing, one man at each end of the row, holding the Covenant Silver Chain. this signifies the Two Nations. And the first Nation is Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayugas, and Senecas, holding one end of the Covenant Silver Chain, and the British Nation holding the other end of the Covenant Silver Chain. This the two Nations did Covenanted themselves together as Allies, to defend one another in case of war. And if the British is in War and if the British needs help, then the King or Queen will write a letter to the Governor General of Canada to ask the Six Nations Union Lords, now commonly called chiefs. To ask them, to help the British in their War. Then the Six nations Union Lords will hold a Council and the shall decide in their Council to help the British of their War. Then the Six Nations Union Lords will address to the Five War Chiefs, to prepare and get ready of their Common Warriors to go and help the British in their War. And the next Wampum belt Treaty of Two Row in here.

“two row belt”

This two rows of Wampum belt Treaty. Signifies the Two separate Governments shall exist. Namely: – the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayucas, and Senecas, and the British Nation’s Government. So the Two separate Governments shall exist and Independently from each other, forever. And the Six nations shall not Rule over the British nations. And the British nation shall not Rule over the Six Nations. And the following names enlisted in Your Majesty’s army.

Insert names inscribed.