“The Treaties are not Historic, they remain in effect!”

“Her Majesty’s servants must ensure that Her Majesty’s protectorate obligations owed to the Indigenous People under the Majesty’s servants cannot instead try to entice, intimidate, or impoverish Indigenous peoples to consider abandoning their nationalities and embracing protection underneath and by only Canada’s law as matter of ethnic minorities exercising demands rather than by constitutional superior Treaties.

Her Majesty’s courts owe a higher duty to Six Nations, regarding the Haldimand Tract. We do not deal with her entities such as the developer as that is for Her Majesty to address. She is the offender of the Onkwehonwe (the Real People) and protects us from further harm.

The original injunction is an abuse of process and ought not be in court. To build upon it by declaring failure to obey it a criminal matter is to tarnish Her Honor.

“The Treaties are not Historic, they remain in effect!” The Indigenous People are not resigned to a mere historical “distinctive role.” The Treaties are the fundamental constitutional documents for the existence of Canada (and the United States). Their permissions remain necessary for Canada to exist. This means the Treaties must be Honored, respected, and enforced.

The Canadian Constitution Act 1982 cannot offend them, nor can judges in their attempts to change the Canadian Constitution by writing in missing provisions into the Constitution Act 1982. Such action is contrary to the fundamental principle of casus omissus and is an exercise far beyond the permission accorded principle of reading in.

The guarentee in this Charter of Certain Rights and Freedoms shall not be construed so as to abrogate or derogate from any Onkwehonwe, Treaty or other rights or freedoms that pertain to Onkwehonwe, Canada included!

0a91452c29[1]As any rights or freedoms that have been recognized by the Royal Proclamation of October 7, 1762… Her Majesty’s servants cannot fraudulently represent to Her Majesty and to Her Treaty relations that all will be preserved carried forward with the permissions given to her servants in Canada to receive further delegated self-government powers.

Her pursuant foundations for that delegate of self government through termination of the Treaties as aforesaid and by failure to fulfill the protectorate duties owed to the Treaty relations. Onkwehonwe have worked hard to remain who we are and to maintain relations with Her Majesty. We upon Her Majesty protection and demand our share of products of our land in accordance with our economic sovereignty and deal with her.

Her Majesty’s servants must ensure that Her Majesty’s protectorate obligations owed to us under the Treaties are met. The Honor of the Crown is tarnished at the hands of Her Majesty’s servants. If the obligated protections had been provided, there is a good chance, “the Indian Problem” would not today exist. The “Indian problem” is a manufactured problem.

The Two Row Wampum Belt says: the agreement under which Iroquois/Haundenosaunee welcomed the white peoples to their lands. The Two Rows symbolize vessels, traveling down the same river together. One will be for the Original People, their laws, their customs and the other for the European People and their laws and customs. We will each travel the river together, but each in our own boat. And neither of us will try to steer the other’s vessel. We the Onkwehonwe have kept this agreement to date! The Peacemaker and Hiawatha together drafted the Great Law of Peace, which became the central message of the Law; Righteousness, Health and Power.

Righteousness means justice practiced between men and between nations; it means also a desire to see justice prevail. Health means soundness of mind and body, it also means peace for that is what comes when minds are sane and bodies are cared for.

Power means authority, the authority of law and custom, backed by such force as is necessary to make justice prevail; it means also religion, for justice enforced is the will of the Holder and the Heavens and his sanction.

When the “white man” first discovered that the true people of North America were in fact sovereign, free nations, that of which the “white man” has seen nowhere else on the planet exempt for here in North America, and that we were fully capable of holding our own against any foreign nation, and that we would not conform to their governmental systems or to the white society itself and that we couldn’t be conquered militarily. The white governments found it necessary to make A Treaties with our people. This establishing a recognized sovereignty of Onkwehonwe. So we are sovereign from the white government and are the true underlying titleholders of the land!

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